Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fear Street: The Runaway

Written by R.L. Stine
Originally Published in 1997

Cover Blurb
Runaway Felicia settled on Shadyside because nobody there would know about her dark powers. For once, she could be a normal girl. But someone found out about the awful things her powers made her do. Felicia doesn't want to run away again. But if she stays, she might lose control. And then people would start to die.

Felicia is tired of being a guinea pig for the weird science project at a local college.

The doctors and nurses are ruthless as they beg of her to move things with her mind.  But she's having trouble...she's exhausted, and she doesn't want to partake anymore.  She attempts (with her mind) to drive the pencil into the doctors eye...instead, she puts it right through the wall.

She and her friend Debbie were walking along the beach, just joking and talking, when Debbie dares Felicia to tear down and old worn out, abandoned bungalow.  But to her horror...two schoolmates were inside the building when it collapsed!  She had murdered them both!

Fast forward, Felicia has decided to get away.  And her friend Debbie (who is also part of the experiment, but thus far has displayed little psychic powers or ability to move things with her mind) has agreed to help her escape.

So...Felicia runs away!  Eventually, she finds herself hitchhiking.  Desperate and caught in a thunderstorm, she accepts a ride from a young man who calls himself Killer, and later tries to actually kill her!  But when he crashes his car, she escapes.

She ends up at a coffee shop and overhears two guys arguing about how they had planned a trip, but one of them took a job house-sitting.  Felicia sees this as a perfect opportunity!  She agrees to take over the job for the guy, if he shares the pay with her.

Felicia wastes no time making herself at home on Fear Street!  She also takes the initiative to enroll in school, and eventually makes friends with kids (Zan and Nick) who work at a burger joint and eagerly get her a part-time job working alongside them.

Although Nick seems to be happily taken by Zan, Felicia can't help but feel a certain kind of chemistry with him.  Nick seems to feel the same way about her, but every time they get close, Nick pulls away.  He says Zan has had a hard time and he just can't turn his back on her.

As the kids grow to become friends, Zan invites Felicia to a sleepover.  Things take an ominous turn when, as she flips through Zan's notebook, Felicia discovers a picture of a boy whose face has been rubbed out with blood!  She doesn't let on like she seen it, and later as she does research she realizes (with horror) that the guy had been Zan's ex boyfriend....a boyfriend that had turned up dead by an unlucky accident.  Or was it an accident?

In the meantime...things take a sinister turn.  Someone breaks into the house Felicia is sitting, she's receiving horrific clues that someone is out to get her...but who?

Felicia suspects that Zan is the culprit and resolves to move on.  She can't be discovered, and besides, she fears for her very life!

But on the day she plots her escape, Zan attempts to stab her to death in the hallway at her locker!  She barely escapes in tact.  She thinks she's home free...until she gets back to the house and is confronted by none other than her friend Debbie!

Debbie, who said she'd never had any power, admits that she had used Felicia to help murder their two friends out of jealousy for the lovers.

The two girls enter a battle of wits, of psychic strength.  Debbie is stronger, but somehow Felicia distracts her and wins the battle...only to later be met by Nick, the hero.

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